Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Portland Gets its Holiday Game On

Spent a long weekend at the condo. Picked up a small-footprint, Asian-styled media console for our modest (32-inch) new Panasonic flat screen and a nice Chinese oval mirror from Lotus in the Pearl for the entrance hallway. Now, all we lack is our sectional (due next week sometime) and a couple of small end tables. We did some seasonal partying as well.

Saturday marked the beginning of Portland's "SantaCon." Organized by the local chapter of the Cacophony Society, the event is yet another example of what makes the Rose City delightfully "weird." In a town where any excuse is good enough to party, the holiday season really gets the locals pumped-up. On Saturday, several thousand white- and red-clad revelers took to the streets with great gusto, megaphones and evidently unlimited supplies of alcoholic fortification against the cold. There were Santas in vinyl, heavily-inked suicide girl Santas in hot pants and fishnets, bathrobes, you name it. And for some odd reason, there were an assortment of bunnies as well. And of course, it all worked and was great fun. But it was not a spectacle you'd bring the babies to see. Leave that for the Lloyd Center mall.

On Sunday, our creative neighbors Jan & Ty had a great holiday "happy hour" at their corner condo in our building. (Thanks, guys.) They invited guests from all the units that ended in 07, like theirs, and a few from their floor as well. What an idea. The Margaritas, Guacamole (homemade), chips and cheeze were great, as was the company and conversation.

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